Beth Ravin is a Rockstar Real Estate Agent

Beth Ravin is a rockstar real estate agent! She is so unbelievably patient, which is probably the most important quality you need in this crazy process. As first time buyers, we were in over our heads and very needy. We thought our price range was one thing and then into our search we realized we had been doing the numbers wrong and needed to reevaluate and redirect our efforts. Beth didn’t bat an eye. She just showed us more and more properties. She supported us emotionally too. When I shared with her that the whole process was way more emotional than I thought it would be, she made us feel normal and kept cheering us on, empowering us. She also really listened to us and didn’t project her own preferences onto us. She’s just wonderful. Honest. A hard worker. Super smart. We couldn’t have done this without her. You will feel the same!

— KB