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Gone are the days where busy people don’t have the time or help to meet their wellness goals. Today, thanks to our increasingly data-focused world, with the help of smart phones, apps and activity trackers, it is now easier to reach your desired personal health and wellness goals. Here is our look at some of some top rated fitness apps and gadgets to keep you on track.

Fitness Apps

One of the most well-known fitness apps is MapMyFitness. This app has been tracking activities and logging food since 2007. It has an easy-to-use interface and accurate tracking capabilities. You can also set challenges (for yourself or friends) and track your equipment, so you know when it’s time for a new pair of running shoes.

Some of the most popular fitness apps right now are:

FitStar Personal Trainer: This app fine tunes your personal training regime by assessing your needs and fitness level. At the end of each workout, you are asked a simple set of questions to tailor your workouts and activity levels.

Nike+ Training Club:This app offers workouts for people of all fitness levels crafted by Nike master trainers. To use, you select your specific fitness goal and then find easy-to-follow workout plans. Each individual workout comes with video tutorials.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs:With this app, strengthening your core has never been easier. Users choose an avatar trainer, and then select from workout programs that last anywhere from 10 days to almost a month. The app offers instructional videos of each exercise so you learn beforehand and avoid injuries.

WOD Deck of Cards: Have fun with your next workout with this app where you choose the four exercises you want to focus on—one for each suit in the deck—and then see what comes up first in the deck. Draw new cards until you finish the deck. You will be in shape before you know it.

Other popular fitness apps include C25K, Sworkit and MINDBODY Connect. Please email more to me so I can put them on the list!

Fitness Trackers

FitBit is popular, and for good reasons. It offers a variety of quality fitness watches at price points ranging from $99 to $250. But, FitBit isn’t your only option.

The Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker is a favorite in part due to its long and smart notifications which display incoming calls, texts and emails. Garmin’s premium tracker also records sleep time and a number of other activities, including swimming.

Withings Activité is a fitness gadget game changer. The attractive Swiss-made watch combines time and activity tracking in a timepiece with a circular face and leather strap. This gadget is water resistant to 50 meters and offers a silicone watchstrap too.

Fitness trackers aren’t just wristbands. Other options for wellness tracking include sneakers and active wear clothing that monitors wellness and fitness. Umbro offers sensor-filled sneakers that track your workouts without needing a smartphone. Sensors embedded within the soles track where you’re going, the distance you’ve traveled and calories burned – all your details are transmitted to an app.

Scales, too, have come a long way from telling you just weight. Now called “Smart Scales”, you can track all manner of data including, BMI, body fat and heart rate. Track your progress on your smartphone too, and/or link with your fitness band for complete health monitoring.

A few other fitness items worth mentioning are:

The Ultimate Thermometer: Withings “Thermo” is a Wi-Fi connected, 16-sensor temporal artery thermometer that works by placing it close to the skin. It uses its infrared sensors to accurately gauge a person’s temperature and delivers that data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a connected app for analysis. The Thermo won two Best of CES awards in 2016.

Umbro “One” is the bottle that functions like a water bottle, but with a push of a button, it can release up to1.5 scoops of your favorite protein mix. “It’s great for use in the gym during workouts and having that post workout drink right after without having to carry multiple bottles around.” ( The ‘ball’ that holds the supplement in also acts as a mixer for those harder-to-dissolve powder drinks.

Many apps are free via your smartphone, although some charge a nominal fee to upgrade to the ‘premium’ level. Fitness and wellness gadgets vary widely in price ranges, as well as quality and technology.

Please send more to us via email and we will put it on the list!